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A collection of Adventist websites.

General Adventist Resources

  • Sunset Calculator - check out sunset and sunrise times all over the world.
  • Virtual ABC Store - Online Adventist Book Center.
  • ADRA - Adventist Development and Relief Agency International.
  • AdventSource - Leadership Resources for your local church.
  • Bible Studies - Discovery Bible studies available via online and postal mail.
  • Sabbath School Net - study the Adult Sabbath School Lesson online.
  • E. G. White Estates - Browse or Search the CD.
  • Digital Hymnal - a collection of information on hymns in the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal.

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Related Christian Sites

  • - The Christian directory information and resources.
  • Christian Links - Christian Search Engine & Link Website.
  • Christian Freebies - This site has a little bit of everything, all of it FREE.
  • Churches dot net - Many church resources.
  • Family Life - Resources for the family.
  • Focus on the Family - The radio show/newsletter/ministry homepage.
  • - Christian Search Engine and Directory.
  • Gospel Communications - Gospel Resources.
  • Grant's Graceland - Devotions, thoughts and laughs.
  • Heartlight - Resources to live victoriously for Jesus in today's world.
  • Heartlight Wallpaper - Aa new Heartlight image will appear on your desktop each morning when you log onto the internet.
  • Live It! - is the web site with timeless insights and practical advice you need to manage your life.
  • Promise Keepers - Homepage for the Promise Keepers.
  • Religion Today - Online Magazine and News.