Breath of life , Barbados

In our church, the Bible and Jesus, as man’s only Savior are uplifted. We are committed to connecting with you and desire to help you solidify your relationship with God and a loving commmunity of believers through baptism and membership.


The Seventh-day Adventist Church believes and practices baptism by immersion. For those who are beginning their walk with Jesus for the first time, or making a renewed commitment, baptism is a symbol of that new life in Christ and entrance into His church.(Acts 2:38-47) If you have never been baptized by immersion and would like to take that step, just call the church office and you will be directed to an Elder who will meet with you and help you prepare for this important event.


Church membership is no means of salvation and does not assure anyone of eternal life in heaven. The Bible does admonish believers, however, to meet regularly with a group of Christians who love, serve, and encourage one another (see Ephesians 4:16, I Timothy 3:15, and Romans 12:4-5). Becoming a member of our church expresses your commitment to a “spiritual family,” who worships together, pray together and grows together