Breath of life , Barbados

We are a warm, loving, peaceful congregation nestled in the heart of White Hall St. Michael, Barbados, near Rock Dundo (St. Michael), Codrington Hill, Spooners Hill and the National Stadium.  Our Church is the largest of four Seventh-Day Adventist congregations in the north-Central District of Barbados.

The other three congregations being the Jackson, Ebenezer and Grazettes Seventh-Day Adventist Churches.  Breath of Life is geographically located within a half mile radius of these sister churches and its sanctuary can always be identified by its cream coloured outer walls, leafy green roof and unique design. 

Youth Focus

At Breath of Life, our youth are dear to us and hence they play a pivotal role in the various services and Church programs.  They can be seen blessing our worship with musical instruments, blending voices with the senior members during song service, ministering in song, being involved in the multimedia aspects of the Church and even preaching from an early age. 

Leaders & Ministries

The various departments/ministries of our Church are active and edifying.  We have vibrant Men’s and Women’s Ministries that include The Breath of Life Male Chorale and The Breath of Life Mixed Choir respectively.  Today, Breath of Life is a large congregation with some three hundred plus (300+) members and the Lord has blessed His Church with eighteen (18) Elders, fourteen (14) Deacons, fifteen (15) Deaconesses and thirty (30) Ushers. 

Come!  Come and experience the sweet fellowship of the Breath of Life Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  “God Bless You”.