Breath of life , Barbados

Youth Ministries means more than Sabbath school every week. Our youth ministry provides support and encouragement for young people at what can be a most critical part of their Christian experience.

Creating an environment where young people are safe to share and explore their faith, ask questions and openly express their challenges is one of the main goals of this ministry.

A.Y. Mission

The salvation of youth through Jesus Christ. We understand youth ministry to be that work of the church that is conducted for, with, and by young people.

Our youth program inculcates values into our children by teaching them to live and order their ive by the aim motto and pledge of the Youth Society

  • Aim
    The Advent Message to All the World in My Generation
  • Motto
    The Love of Christ Constrains Me
  • Pledge
    Loving the Lord Jesus, I promise to take an active part in the youth ministry of the church, doing what I can to help others and to finish the work of the Gospel in all the world.

Of course, it would not be youth ministry without social time and lots of fun.  Check out the calendar for our next event.